Painting? Clever Helpful Hints

Doorknob Protector in a Clever Way

Stop Wearing the Paint

Watching Paint Dry
 Clever Helpful Hints that can make my Painting go smoother, easier, faster and I don't have to wear the paint too.......I'm in!!

I just love helpful hints......and Real Simple Magazine always have the best ones.  These three just stay in the paint category, but I wanted to post a whole lot more......Click on the link below to see your favs!!
(And you might want to subscribe to their online magazine too, it's a great magazine!)

Real Simple Magazine


High Point Furniture Market - Is A Slow Market Good for Designers?

I attended the High Point Furniture Market in October and the impression I got and buzz that I heard
was that it was slow. That the economy was definitely effecting market.  Well I expected this, in fact, I purposely went because of all things, I was excited about this.

I am an experienced designer with a new location.  I have been in the design industry since the late 80's, working hard at it, taking time off for kids, working at it again, etc. etc.   

When my husband took a job in AZ I knew that I had to start again.  Build again.  Start with a library again, seeing as I no longer had large design centers at my fingertips.  Well visiting High Point in a slow market and eager showrooms and reps have certainly helped me.  I never understood why manufacturers shrugged their noses up at designers and only welcomed the furniture stores with the large orders. Can't there be both?Designers are the ones that are keeping the constant flow of revenue........
Upon my return, I have received numerous amounts of material to help me facilitate my business and I will make sure I return the favor.  Thank you.

Now about the exciting things I saw!!
Below are just a few of my favorite things.....To hard to show alot of pics on blogger so I have posted an album on my facebook page:
Facebook Page - Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

Lots of Drama in Accent Furniture

Beautiful Mirrored Bed w/Contemporary Flair

Winner for the Top Notch Upholstery

Great Unique Accessories

Crystal Chandeliers with Color

Not Your Everyday Pillow


High Point Furniture Market-2010, . . . Clever & Fun Entertainment

High Point Market thought outside of the box and suprised market go-er's!!  You never knew where they were coming from and if they were standing right next to you.......they definetely looked the part!!
 So much fun!!


Incredible Learning Experience on Top Appliances "Thermador, Bosch, Gaggenau"

Did you know Thermador was the first to:
1.  Invent and Introduce the first Built-In Wall Oven & Cooktop - 1947
2.  Brought the first warming drawer into the appliance world - 1952
3.  Developed the first Self-Cleaning Oven - 1963
4.  Brought  first Black and Black Glass Appliances into the market - 1965
5.  Introduced the  Downdraft Ventilation System for cooktops - 1978
6.  Brought the cook the first professional range for home use - 1990
7.  Introduced the first induction Cooktop with Sensor Dome - 2009

And that's just to name a few that stuck in my mind at the BSH Designer Luxury Summit.....

September 27-29, I, along with 25+ interior designers, architects & kitchen designers gathered together at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch here in Scottsdale, AZ to be guests of Thermador, Gaggenau & Bosch.

What an amazing learning experience to be brought in, pampered, wined & dined and whisked away to their 12,000 sq. ft. fully functioning showroom not only filled with their appliances but in actual kitchen settings also showing products like Woodmode, Poggenpohl, Caesarstone and Kohler, etc. etc.  This showroom is amazing!!

We started the morning with a presentation about Thermador and learning some of the history, I.E. the things I mentioned above. Then started our walk around the showroom seeing, feeling and touching the actual products.  At lunchtime we had the pleasure of being greeted by Chef Brad Peterson and his staff leading us in groups to our Thermador cooking stations and testing our culinary skills.  (Some better than others!) Lunch was delicious!!  I didn't even have to grocery shop or do the dishes!! 

In the afternoon we were lead into a test kitchen that had all the top competitors ranges and that's where the fun began.  We grilled, browned and boiled side by side.....and I must say, was extremely proud of the Thermador product!!  I was also happy to have the opportunity to do this......I have specified so many appliances in my day, but to actually compare in a working situation was a new experience and a light bulb moment!!  Why are we not doing this more often!!!  How can we choose appliances just by the looks and the salesman's advise!!

Gaggenau's showroom is a showpiece!!  So sleek and custom, you can't wait to be able to have a client that wants to "go all out"......And what details!  Everything is thought of and top of the line!!

At the end of the day we were back in the meeting room.  I expected a close with a bit more information, yet I was wrong.  I couldn't believe when Bob Eustice, National Sales Manager for Thermador, started asking us what Thermador needed to do to improve!!  How could Thermador add/change products to make them better....and he was writing things down!!  They actually cared!!  What an amazing two days!!

Thank you Thermador, Gaggenau and Bosch and all the staff for an unforgettable time!!

These are a few of the photo's I took, to see the entire album, click the link to visit my facebook page:

Vicki Bergelt Interior Design Facebook Page

BSH Thermador Showroom

Bob Eustice demo on induction heat

Look at the difference!!


Test Kitchen


Designers Cooking w/Chefs

Thermador Kitchen

Appliance Demo for Thermador


Being Invited - Thermador / Bosch / Gaggenau / Kravet

Social Media has become a super highway between me, my vendors and my reps. This type of communication has brought me closer to my product than I ever felt possible.  In the past designers tried to build relationships or learn what manufacturers had to offer in a once a month visit to their showroom or my workplace. Now, with the internet, they are just a click away..........

Last week I was asked to speak about Social Media at the Kravet Showroom, Arizona Design Center with two of my fellow designers.  This was my first speaking engagement and became possible through my social media efforts.

This coming Monday I am honored yet again. I am invited to:

 "Thermador's Luxury Design & Build Summit"  at the state of the art "BSH Gallery & Training Center"    here in Scottsdale, AZ.  This showroom features Thermador, Bosch & Gaggenau Appliances in actual kitchen vignettes and I hear it's like no other showroom anywhere. 
 Myself and other designers from around the United States will be flown in (to bad I'm from Scottsdale)treated to massages (yeah!), golf, dinners, and a night on the town.  We will also be visiting their showroom, having a real life chef cook for us, and exposing us to what these companies have to offer.

This is "Part One" of my exciting experience w/Thermador!! Below is just a peak of the kitchen at the actual "BSH Gallery" showroom.

Thermador Kitchen at the BSH Gallery & Training Center in Scottsdale, AZ


Vicki Bergelt Interior Design & Arizona Luxury Real Estate - Branding!

Arizona Luxury Real Estate & Vicki Bergelt Interior Design have decided to put our heads together and "Brand" Two Great Businesses that have to do with what is very close to our hearts......Our Homes.

We are seperate, yet together!  I really loved the way this ad came out and wanted to share..........

Two Companies Thinking Like You!!


Recycle Everything Even Mens Belt & Ties!

Looped Pillows made out of Mens Ties
Mens Belt Floor Tiles

Seat Belt Colorful Hammocks
 Taking everyday things and reusing them to things you would never think of puts me in a good mood,   especially when those things have to do with using them in the home some way.  What a great way to save the earth!  The statement we hear so frequently now, "Sustainable Living".

The pictures above show a couple of my favorites:
* Mens belts recycled into Floor Tiles - What a great idea for a man's office, or even apply them to walls!
*Colorful Hammocks made from Seat Belts!!  Talk about durable and fun! 
  Both made by  Tings in London
*Throw Pillows made from Men's Ties. - You could have any colorway you needed, and in all different hues.  Made by  Dreamweavers