Upping my game

Today my goal was to find interior design blogs that I could view to be able to network with and as I was looking at them one point that came to my mind was...."I really need to up my game!"

I'm just learning how to blog, do a website, social media....etc....and it shows.  I hope the others can remember their first post when looking at my site!!  These great bloggers are something I will look up to...yet should I walk around carrying a professional camera or will my iphone suffice??  Any input you can give me would be helpful!!

Besides that.....looking at some of these sites/blogs is very exciting as well as seeing so much information.  So much creativity!!  Nothing is a secret anymore and every accomplishment is shared.  No more modesty, just put it out there!!  Well it's about time!!  Doing something great deserves credit and deserves to be seen,  even if we give it to ourselves at first!  Hard work does pay off!!  Having a creative mind is an art and talent!


A.I.A. Home Tour

My daughter and I went on the A.I.A. (Architects Organization) Phoenix Home Tour today and it was amazing. What inspi
ration!! I never realized the architects here in Arizona had such talent. It gave me so many ideas!! Talk about thinking outside the box!! I wish I could live the day over again and take some great pictures....to view all of the things that put me in awe!! Thank you Phoenix A.I.A. Organization for doig this. (BTW - I did try to say thank you in an email on your website, but I think your having email issues because it wouldn't send)

Also, from a mom perspective, this gave me a way for my daugther and I to connect and with lifes busy times, we need to take these opportunities when we can get them!!

I am including this link for the Phoenix Metro Architects:

I have a couple of pictures on my phone not sure if their great but posting!


Flowers make me happy!

Don't wait for someone to send you flowers!
I love buying flowers, picking out different colors, types, etc and arranging them either tall and airy or short and bunched.

It's nice walking by something beautiful and fresh. It brightens your day. See what I'm talking about:

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Learning the truth about my searches

Jumping on the Social Media Network.  I use to feel like I knew a bit about computers, but I have learned so much in the past two weeks and at the same time...feel overwhelmed and like I have learned nothing!! Like I am going backwards in my computer knowledge!!  I have also learned alot about google.  This is definately big brother watching! (and judging!!  hopefully I am not jinxing myself on my very first blog!)  I use to trust my searches.  I was a pro at reviewing, researching, pricing, purchasing, etc.  Now I'm not so sure.  Now that I have been searching SEO's, Social Media tools, etc. etc. reading books, articles, blogs, etc. my thinking has been a bit skewed.  Maybe the people with the most computer knowlege, money, and everything else needed to put them on top of the google searches paved my way into the internet path.  In the past I never went past page 3 on google to find what I was looking for.  Now that I'm a bit more educated I feel like I should start on page 5 and work my way backwards to find a bit of what I'm looking for, find a bit of honesty.  This internet stuff is "BIG BUSINESS" and unless your willing to take lots of time and effort and do the research and most important, "Keep it up....forever!" think twice about jumping in.........

So far I have taken 3 hours to try to put a template together to make my blog look professional and it doesn't.  I wasn't going to even type a post until it was done but I just want to accomplish something!! So for right now, don't judge the cover......