New Color of the Year Discussion

Pantone is a standardized color system. It allows all manufacturers to use the same color, yet in their own unique way.

I just discovered the IPhone4 "My Pantone" app....and what a great app it is. It's like a paint fandeck, with over 225 colors, on your phone and so much more. You can take a picture of something or use an existing photo, it scans the photo, picks out the colors that apply, then displays them. You can then select the colors that you want, drop them into a menu, save them, email them or both!

I can't wait to play with this app at a clients home. I just love new technology!


What is my niche?

I belong to a designer chat every Tuesday and the topic today is "What is my niche?"

Well...good question and takes a bit of thinking, can you smell smoke?

After contemplating this one for a bit, I don't feel like I can just describe just one niche....I think I have a few different niches, so I will list a few that I am more passionate about. (You can recognize these with all the "loves" in the sentence, couldn't think on another word!)

** I love to renovate. I love the history in older homes and buildings, I love to preserve or incorporate old and new. I love going into an old house and opening up walls to make it more open and into today's world. I love to wonder who lived here before and before them and what they did for the world.

 My niche: Combining old with new to give an updated look and feel

** I love to do framing walk-thrus on new construction. I always find hidden areas that can become storage. I find areas that reflect more or less light than I originally thought and use that to my advantage by using a mirror or a reflective accessory to bring more light into the room or a place for a halogen spot to light up a particular piece of artwork. Framing stage is also a phase to reassure any electrical questions you may of had.

 My niche: Seeing and Understanding All Aspects of the Job in the Construction Phase.

**I love color. I love when a client is not afraid of color. I love when a client gets excited with me when I suggest using something bold and something that makes a statement.

My Niche: Color is definitely my niche!

**I love installing jobs. I love opening up the boxes at the job site and putting the picture that is in my    head into reality. I love presenting the final project to client and they are as happy as I am.

 My Niche: Loving what I do and feeling the passion until the very end!!


Blogging by Phone - Dangerous??

While registering for my Wordpress blog (which is a good place to start to put your blog on wordpress....but as far as I got for now...) I came across this article!!  Cool??  Yes!!  But Drunk phone blogging....oh no!!

Phone Your Blog by Matt  http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/telephone/

It’s happened to all of us. The night starts off innocently enough with a little gin and tonic, maybe a mojito, then next thing you know you’re doing tequila shots with the bartender and the girl from Brazil and you find yourself thinking it would be a treMENdous idea to call up your ex and see how they’re doing and perhaps impress them with your newfound wit.

We’ve got the cure. Now, instead of drunk dialing random friends, lovers, and acquaintances one at a time, what if you could dial your blog and talk to the whole world at once? It’d be like something out of Star Trek.

The future is now, folks. You can now go to your My Blogs tab, enable Post by Voice, and get a special number and code to call your blog. After you’re done, the audio file from your phone call will be posted to your blog for all to listen to and enjoy. (And added to your RSS feed for podcast support.)

So now you can post to your WordPress via the web, email, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, desktop clients, and now any telephone in the world. Of course when you post it can be pushed to Facebook, Twitter, and more using the Publicize feature. What more could you want?

Right now this is completely free, but we’ll charge you money to take down posts. Just kidding! We’re making it free and allowing recording lengths up to sixty minutes, but that limit may go down without a paid upgrade in the future. Mostly we’re just curious to see how people use this.