Another Great Space Turned Into a Home. From a Barn!!

Barn Residence Exterior

I just can't help sharing things I find that are unique or just crazy creative!!

This is a barn turned into a house!!  A barn!!   It is located in the country of New York.
The couple found this Dutch influenced barn that dated back to the 1800's.  The high ceilings and great concept gave them inspiration to use it for their "country home".

They found a very creative architect, Preston Cohen, to help them put this idea into an actuality.  After purchasing the barn they had it disassembled and reconstructed on their lot, keeping it as authentic as possible.  They reinforced the barn's stability with a steel frame which allowed 48 windows to be strategically placed to not only enhancing the views but showing  the details of the interior.

I found this article on Dwell magazines online site, April 2008.  Follow this link if you want to know more:

Barn Residence Interior

Barn Interior Bathroom


Blogging? What Platform? Wordpress help?

blogger vs. wordpress
Blogging?  What is blogging?  Well to me it's an online type of journal.  It's also a way to get your branding out there.  Show people what your thoughts, inspirations and anything else you want to show on your blog is.

How to get started?  Well, for me, alot of trial and errors, hours and hours of time, plenty of cursing and wrong key punching, and finally sighs of reliefs and aha moments.

My opinion "Blogger" is the easiest way to start.  It has lot's of starter templates, color choices and an advanced (which isn't to advanced) designer program that you just fill in the blanks.  Everyone should have a blog with this program.  My blog is with "Blogger". Which brings me to my next subject:

Wordpress - Wordpress is also a blogging program that alot of people are using now.  It's different from Blogger because Blogger uses one template file. Wordpress has smaller individual components on a "theme"  that will allow me more flexibility to do more with my blog.  (Whatever that is.)

Pretty soon, I'm going to try to get into the Wordpress world. (Of course, just when things are getting easy for me to understand, change it!)  I am going to try to change my blog over to Wordpress, I'm just trying to get up the nerve.  I have bought:  Wordpress for Dummies and have a webpage that I found that provides tutorials.  (If you want a link to this webpage, click on my title above.)  So if you are following my blog and you see me disappear, you'll know why.  

If anyone out there has any Wordpress wisdom for "Idiots", please forward!!


Summer Time at the Beach

Nothing says summer like the Beach.
Putting your feet in the sand. Reading a great book. Watching and listening to the waves. Hearing the thunderstorms. Ponytails. Sipping on a glass of wine at dusk and everything peaceful. I love the days of summer.  I took these pictures last year.  Will take and post more soon.

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A House with a Different Exposure Every Minute

My husband sent me this link.  This is a house that turns!!  How would you like to buy a lot that has so many views and you don't know how to position your house.....Well now you don't have to decide!  Just build this one!
Growing up In Fort Lauderdale, we have a hotel that has a restaurant on top that turns.  I remember that I put my purse down on the ledge and couldn't find it!!  It had traveled across the room by the time dinner was done......For this, make sure you don't put your kitchen housewares on any ledge...they may end up in the master bedroom the next day!!


before: Winery....after: Amazing House

I have always loved when people take out of the box things and turn them into something fabulous.

When I was younger (and without children) I always wanted to rent/buy a warehouse and turn it into a one room amazing apartment. Just open the garage type warehouse door and drive right into my living room!! Now my needs are slightly different, now I just want to design one!

Today I found pictures of a winery in Silicon Valley that was turned into a home and it truly is something fabulous!! Every room looks warm and inviting....... Click on the link below to see more pictures.

Want to go in and curl up with a glass of wine

Amazing Winery turned into a home

Second Look Homes: architecturaldigest.com

Designing with a Conscience

Sustainable Living is an extremely fast growning business in my industry now and rightly so.  For those that are interested "Going Green" holds the builders, architects and interior designers to a whole new level and makes us responsible for what we put in the clients homes and well as the atmosphere.

The BP oil spill that we see on the news everyday we will never recover from.  Being from Florida I hear the real stories, the real truth on what is coming up on our shores.  Everyone is devastated. 

There are alot of seminars locally on how to achieve more "green" and it is not a fad.  Designers need to keep educated and stay conscience so we can offer clients "better" options.

I am attaching a video that was on the ASID website that I found short and good.  It is not a lecture, it is a point of view in a more human way.  Enjoy.......hope it makes you think.