before: Winery....after: Amazing House

I have always loved when people take out of the box things and turn them into something fabulous.

When I was younger (and without children) I always wanted to rent/buy a warehouse and turn it into a one room amazing apartment. Just open the garage type warehouse door and drive right into my living room!! Now my needs are slightly different, now I just want to design one!

Today I found pictures of a winery in Silicon Valley that was turned into a home and it truly is something fabulous!! Every room looks warm and inviting....... Click on the link below to see more pictures.

Want to go in and curl up with a glass of wine

Amazing Winery turned into a home

Second Look Homes: architecturaldigest.com


Anonymous said...

Testing comments

Anonymous said...

I love the climbing ivy, now if it would only have wine still there!!

Becky / ecomod said...

Wonderful. I bet living there is a great experience.

We live in a renovated railroad building that was converted to condos in the mid 1990's. I always think about how many lives this place has had, & the souls who've wandered through here over the decades.

I like to think the building is happy to have life pulsing through it. :)

Rebecca said...

Wow! Just beautiful.