ICarly Show - Great Girls Room Pieces

I have always loved Hollywoods set designs.  The best creative minds are hard at work making furnishings not only creative, but gimmicky enough that people talk about, mention to friends and best of all, tune in to help those ratings! Yahoo's homepage this morning displayed such that.

"ICarly" the show that my kids have grown up with has a new girls room set and some really cool pieces!  Where were these things when I was growing up?  I would have definately been the "hang out" room of the year!                                                                         
Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Rotating Closet

Gummy Bear Ladened Chandelier


Fearless with Color

This caught my eye when I was in Florida and reading "Florida Design Magazine".  I titled my blog the same name because it's perfect!!  Fearless with color!!  That is so me! 

I love color.  Color can make such a statement.  Dictate a mood. Lift spirits or make things more serene. 

I have found some clients intimidated with color yet if done correctly can make a room ageless.  By putting color in the simple accents such as a coat of paint, throw pillows, drapery panels, ottoman/accent chair fabric will allow you to make easy changes to go with the times, go with your mood, go with whatever you want.

Interior Designer Jamie Drake did just that in his own New York apartment.  He used color that just bursted with energy in the main areas. In the Master Bedroom, even though color was used, it was done in a monochromatic way with a patterned accent that made the room pop and still allowed a serene flow.
A simple flash of color in the guest room made a statement of drama yet still had the feel of a perfect setting of sleep.

To see the entire magazine article click the link below or click on the title "Fearless with Color"


Time to Post - Summer Vacation

Trying to spend a bit of family time and summer vacation leaves blogging a bit lapse.  You never know how much you miss internet until you go without.  Was going to put a little summertime photo with this blog, but downloads aren't possible.  Will post more as soon as possible!


Red chair

I love unique chairs especially red ones! A friend sent me this picture of a Mackenzie Childs chair taken at a local store.
Can't wait to see it in person!

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